The U.S. Civil War


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The U.S. Civil War is a 2-player strategic-level war game of the American Civil War. The game covers the entire war from 1861-65 on a large 30” x 44” map area (2 mounted maps) of the Southeastern United States. Turns represent 3 months during the winter and 2 months during the summer, with four Action Phases to each turn.

Military forces are represented by generals and strength-points (SPs). Each SP represents approximately 5,000 soldiers. Game mechanics stress strategy, maneuver and leadership but details like ironclads, naval battles, leader promotions, forts, and commerce raiders are included.

Shorter scenarios are included that cover just 1861, 1862 and 1863.

Players of Eric Lee Smith’s The Civil War (VG) and Mark Herman’s For the People (AH and GMT) will see many similarities between this game and those two benchmark games. Those two wonderful games inspired many of the rules and concepts used in this game.

• a rules booklet
• Two mounted maps (“30 x “44 play area)
• Three die-cut counter sheets (9/16″ playing pieces)
• Two identical 11” x 17” Player Aid Cards
• Three 8.5″ x 11” scenario cards
• One deck of 30 Special Action Cards

TIME SCALE: 2-3 weeks per Phase; 4 Action Phase per turn
MAP SCALE: 24 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE: Each Strength Point = 5,000 men

MAP ART: Mark Simonitch
COUNTER & CARD ART: Mark Simonitch & Rodger B. MacGowan

(source: GMT website)