Shadows of Brimstone Guardian of Targa



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Min leeftijd: +12
Aantal spelers 1 a 4
Gem speelduur 120 min

Deze Shadows of Brimstone set voegt een XL Targa vijand toe aan je spel, samen met alle benodigde kaarten.

No one knows what has become of the ancient builders of the alien cities on the Targa Plateau! It is clear that they have been gone for sometime though, leaving the robotic Custodians and Guardians to watch over their legacy. In times of incursion, the massive Guardians awake, pulling free from their alcoves and stepping out to defend the city from intruders! Frozen over in a new ice age, the alien city has the chill of death lingering in the air and the halls echo with the sounds of the creatures that have started to take up residence there.