Magic Maze kids




The pitch
The king did some experiments trying to make gold, but he accidentally turned himself into a frog. Now the prince and the princess, with the help of the witch and the knight, are cooperating to brew a potion that can turn him back into his human form.

How does it work?
Magic Maze Kids is a cooperative game, that means the players are a team and work together in order to achieve the goal. They all win or lose together. The players are not specific characters, ­instead they move the characters in cooperation.

In this game, any player can move any of the pawns that are in play at any time, but they can only move them in the directions corresponding to the Arrow cards in front of them.

It is allowed to talk and communicate with each other as much as necessary, but you cannot perform an action you don’t control.

You will learn the game by playing small tutorial scenarios that add new rules permanently. When you have played all the scenarios on the back of a board, you are ready to play on that board with all the rules you have learned.