Human Punishment Social Deduction 2.0




The end of humanity is near. The Machine revolution began slowly and unrecognized by the world. They are just a few Humans left and they will fight their final showdown in an old factory.

You are there… but who is on your side?

Human Punishment is a completely new experience. For the first time, you can play and win this genre without a single lie! Bad liers and Social Deduction-Hater enjoy this game alike and they will become dangerous enemies when they try to win as a team or even solo!

Five factions with different winning conditions fight for their right of existence and you are a part of it.

Find your team – Trust no one!

With over 40 hidden roles, over 60 action-cards and brand new mechanics (reanimation, Boss-upgrade, Sudden Death etc.) every round feels unique and every game will tell their own story!

Welcome to social deduction 2.0!