Era Medieval Age


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Era: Medieval Age serves as the spiritual successor to Roll Through The Ages. While Roll Through The Ages was a pioneer for roll-and-write-style games, Era is a pioneer for roll-and-build!

In this game, players roll dice representing the four classes of medieval society: peasants, clergy, nobles, and burghers in an attempt to build the most prosperous medieval city. Era: Medieval Age is a “roll-and-build” game: your dice rolls give you resources including food, wood, stone, and trade goods that you’ll use to build walls, keeps, farms, and other structures using beautiful three dimensional sculpted pieces. When the game is over, each player will have their own, unique model of a city – which will be different each time you play.

Players compete for buildings but also interact via disasters (including brigands, disease, famine, and scorched earth) and extortion where rival nobles shake each other down for resources.

The dice rolling is simultaneous, so play moves along quickly, with typical games taking about 45 minutes. It works with 1–4 players.

With Era, Matt Leacock wanted to capture the playfulness of Lego toys in a game with the table presence of classic games like Cathedral.