Cerebria The Inside World Forces of Balance


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Forces of Balance, Cerebria’s zero-day expansion,
extends the game to 5-6 players with a third side
joining the struggle to shape Cerebria’s Identity.
The Balance side introduces two new Spirits, Reason
and Intuition (each with their own abilities and Spirit
boards), and various new Emotion cards. On top of
extending the maximum player count, the Balance
side also encourages a new playstyle: their purpose
is to create ties in the scoring objectives between
Bliss and Gloom, ensuring Cerebria’s equilibrium.
This adds an exciting new meta aspect to the game:
Balance may temporarily aid Bliss or Gloom, but
on a whim, they can turn from ally into adversary.
The Forces of Balance expansion also introduces
10 highly detailed, 55 mm tall Spirit miniatures:
two for Balance, and eight for the original Bliss
and Gloom Spirits.
The game itself is language independent
with printed English rules and available digital rules
in various other languages.