VS System Marvel Set

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Welcome to the second part of Upper Deck’s Introduction to Vs. System 2PCG!

Each player starts with a “Main Character” in play who works just like regular Characters (called Supporting Characters), except when your Main Character gets KO’d you’re out of the game. Most Main Characters have 5 or 6 Health.

There’s lots to say about Main Characters (like how the box comes with 16 different ones, and that they make a great deck-building hook, especially for new players), but one thing I really want to cover is that unlike in most games where you have a Hero or Avatar, in Vs. System 2PCG your Main Character works exactly like your Supporting Characters: It has ATK and DEF, and some have Flight or Range. It goes in your Front or Back row and you can move it during your Formation Step. It can attack, team attack and fights in combat just like any other Character.

However, there are two major differences: 1) A handful of effects refer to Main Characters specifically. 2) Each Main Character has a Level 1 and a Level 2 version. You start with the Level 1 version, and during the game you can make plays to earn XP and level it up, making it more powerful and unlocking a new Super Power. Each Main Character levels up in a different way (Captain America likes Team Attacks, Thanos wants to KO characters, Loki likes Plot Twists, etc.), so during the game in addition to trying to shore up your board presence or get wounds onto your opponent’s Main Character, you’ll have the additional goal of leveling up your Main Character while attempting to prevent your opponent from doing the same.


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