Star Wars Imperial Assault Captain Terro



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A Stormtrooper mounted on a powerful creature like the dewback
is not to be underestimated, and the Galactic Empire gains a new
tool in its arsenal with the Captain Terro Villain Pack.The heroes may
come into contact with Captain Terro himself or just a Dewback Rider
from his command, but either one would be a dangerous opponent.
The dewback mount gives these warriors a prodigious amount of
movement, and by striking from the creature’s back with shock lances
or flamethrowers, a single Stormtrooper can cause a massive amount
of carnage or split a hero party in two. With a new three-card Agenda
set that challenges the heroes to stop a Stormtrooper reprisal against
Anchorhead, a new skirmish upgrade, and new Command cards for
your skirmish games, this Villain Pack offers a powerful new weapon to
every Imperial commander.