Massilia The Thief


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In Massilia: The Thief, a mini expansion for Massilia, a thief stalks the market. Can you manipulate him in tandem with the consul to serve your own aims?

During the game set-up, place the thief pawn on the same space as the consul; place the THIEF tile near the board. During play, whenever a client is moved by a player, the thief pawn is moved an equal number of spaces in the same direction. Whenever the thief pawn stops in front of a stall holding goods, he steals one good cube from the tile. (If the thief pawn moves to the same space as the consul pawn, there is no effect.) The player who moved the thief chooses the good and places it on the thief tile.

Whenever a player moves the consul pawn to the same space as the thief pawn, she scores reputation points equal to the total
number of goods cubes on the thief tile, then returns the goods cubes to the reserve.