Legendary Metal Coins Roman Set



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Metal coins for gaming!
Roman Coins Set: One of the greatest Empires of all times could not have their own currency in our Collection.

Metal coins for gaming!
The Roman Set is suited especially for games placed in the environment of the ancient Roman Empire.

Each set consists of:
10 copper coins
8 silver coins and
6 gold coins

Have the best currency for your games or the best and heaviest tokens!

Suitable for: Colosseum, Imperial Settlers, Concordia, Antike and any game in the Roman Empire.

The material used in all coins is Zinc alloy, the dimensions of the set are the following:
Copper: Diameter: 33.6mm Thickness: 3.0mm
Silver: Diameter33.6mm Thickness: 3.0mm
Gold: Diameter: 33.6mm Thickness: 3.0mm

Designs were made by Michael Kontraros.

Designs were made by Michael Kontraros for Drawlab