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DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS brings the corroded cobblestone corridors, Gothic grottoes & towering turrets of the Würstreich into terrifying tangibiliy!

Featuring 4 new playable characters lifted straight from the seedy streets of the Würstreich; Mendicant Monk, Fugitive Fop, Sickly Soldier & Unlicensed Surgeon, a hefty new deck of Settlement Encounters to make every trip to town unique, engaging & dangerous, new Loot, new Monsters & the new putrescent Plague Mechanic pitting your party of DUNGEON DEGENERATES against two new missions; The Deadly Smell of Disease & The River of Filth!

From the unadulterated urbanity of the fortress city Brüttelburg to the shoddy shanty-towns, unstable stilt-hut hamlets & overripe outposts that cling to civilization with swords, sausages & sorcery, the MEAN STREETS of DUNGEON DEGENERATES are the würst!

What’s in the box? DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS comes with:

4 playable adventurer character cards which come with their own items & abilities
standees of each adventurer
6 Monster cards
34 Encounter cards
16 Loot cards
1 Epic Loot card
4 Doom cards
6 Skill cards
3 Danger cards
1 Weakness card
24 20mm counters
12 page rulebook
Reference card