Aye Dark Overlord Green Box



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Aye, Dark Overlord!: The Green Box is a new version of the Aye Dark Overlord game that’s a complete game on its own, but can also be paired with The Red Box or the original Fantasy Flight Games version of the game for even more variety! With the same card backs and production specs, you can trust the Hint cards, Action cards, and Withering Looks to match both The Red Box and the FFG edition of the game, and The Green Box adds entirely new mechanics, including the Back of the Line and No Way! Action cards. Occult Hunters, The Best from the Labyrinth, The Jar with a Thousand Demons, and Impossible Math Calculations are just a few of the new hints in The Green Box, giving you more stories to shield yourself from the Dark Overlord’s wrath.

Contents: 121 Hint Cards, 37 Action Cards (Pass the Buck, Freeze, Back of the Line, and No Way!), 7 Withering Look Cards and rulebook.

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